Indigenous Rights:

Survival International

Cultural Survival

The Anchorage Declaration by Indigenous Peoples on Climate Change April 2009

Bedouin of the Negev Desert:

The Regional Council for Unrecognised Villages (RCUV)

Nisped & Ajeec (wonderful NGO focussing on Bedouin women’s empowerment, run by a powerhouse, Amal El-Sana)

Ben Gurion University of the Negev Bedouin Studies Dept.

‘The Film Class’ a film by Uri Rosenwacs

‘Voices From El-Sayed’ a film by Adomi Leshem (Youtube trailer with English subtitles)

Green & Environmental news and info:

Green Prophet – the English-Language environment-focused website of the Middle East

Ecojam – Bristol’s pioneering green networking site

Writing & Writers, both fiction & non-fiction:

Tania Hershman …. astonishing short & short short stories, and that’s not because I live with her

John Siddique

Kenneth White The Scottish Geopoet extraordinaire (home site in French)

Elspeth Murray

even though I’m embarrassed to put them in such esteemed company, I just found a few of my golden oldies from ‘FIRE’ poetry magazine: you can read  ‘Bodihisattva Falls‘ and ‘Untitled’ here (and I just found another old one here ‘Afternoon Browsing’ ……)

Other Great Stuff – places, people & projects I like, and think you will too:

The Pierian Centre, Bristol

Ecoshows Project, Bristol

The Findhorn Foundation

The Pari Centre, Italy

The Murray Clan – essential reading for everyone really, not just us ‘quite ready’ Murray’s (of Ireland as well as Scotland)

The Arvon Foundation, UK

Schumacher College, UK

Rabbis For Human Rights, Israel

The Heart of the Other an emerging documentary about an extraordinary man trying to bring Jews and Arabs together

The Global Oneness Project

Chris Wood and the English Acoustic Collective

John Martyn RIP

‘Rivers and Tides’ wonderful documentary about artist Andy Goldsworthy, directed by Thomas Riedelsheimer

Idit Nathan multimedia artist

Shai Zakai eco artist

Corinne Silva

Tamir Sher photographer

The Alzheimers Society

The SPECAL method a new approach for caring for those with dementia, devised by Penny Garner

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