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I am a freelance writer, journalist, reviewer, sometime onetime poet, former theatrical something or other (playwright, director) and extremely independent filmmaker (meaning I shoot, edit, distribute – the works!). I’ve got degrees, but its life and the living of that counts, no?

I write about green issues, film, anthropology, inspiring books and creativity, spiritual stuff, and how it all weaves in and out…like rivers and tides. With my partner Tania and 2 cats, I have recently moved back to Bristol in the UK, after 5 years based in Jerusalem. Currently enjoying being back (though missing the heat) and figuring out my roots, being variously connected to England, Ireland, and Scotland. I love travel, and have spent time with real nomads in Mongolia, Nunavut (the Inuit in Northen Canada), and recently the Bedouin of Israel’s Negev Desert.  If we learnt from Indigenous Peoples instead of greedily exploiting their lands and ignoring their wisdom, the entire planet would be healthier and all of our species would be happier and wiser. We can but try.                                                                                                                                     

Here’s an interview with me on a great green blog from Israel, about a green/carbon audit initiative I set up.

And, while I’m at it, here’s another interview with me from the mighty Green Prophet……..

I do all kinds of other stuff too, like yoga, swimming, badminton, squash, hiking, cooking, eating, reading stuff, writing stuff,  watching stuff, discovering great music, growing stuff, oh – and did I mention composting?

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